Sponsor A Day

We are grateful for your investment in the lives of young women, men, and their unborn children. This program provides a firm foundation of income for the ministry of Pregnancy Outreach Clinic.

How Does It Work?

We have estimated the Clinic’s annual costs from rent to office supplies and divided by it by 365. That amount is about $480 per day to offer our services free of charge to our community. It seems like a lot to write a check for that amount so we break it down into 12 payments or $40 monthly. You can also choose to sponsor 1/2 day for $240 or $20.00 monthly. You decide which day of the year to sponsor and let us know. If that date has already been chosen, you may choose another. You may want to honor the date of a birthday, anniversary or another special event in your life.

Please click here to contact us about becoming a sponsor!

Thanks for partnering with Pregnancy Outreach Clinic of Miles City!